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Kayak Software

PdxSeaKayaker.net Domain Issues

  • The domain PdxSeaKayaker.net dropped in the year 2011 due to re-billing issues and was unfortunately picked up by some idiot who put a chinese language website on it (go figure)
  • After the domain dropped a second time it was found in the expired domains list at DomCop. Luckily we had been tracking the domain through this list and noticed as soon as the chinese owner let it drop again.
  • It was then registered again through NameCheap, the best domain registrar and the content was restored back to the original
  • The domain since then has continued to be registered at NameCheap.

Software for Tide Predictions

Valued PC and/or Internet utilities (not kayak related) worth taking a close look at.

  • Stopzilla (the best Pop-up Stopper I've used yet)
  • Ad-Aware (a great spy-ware detection software)
  • Zone Labs (great personal firewall software)
  • Password Corral (great utility to track all your passwords)
  • Esnipe.com (a must if you shop ebay)
  • Google Toolbar (add a google search bar to your browser)
  • Webshots (great way to spruce up your desktop, don't forget to download the kayak photos)
  • Myie2 (excellent web browser)
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