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Water sports with a difference – go Sea Kayaking and explore the wonders of boating

Water sports are not limited to diving or fishing. Since the recent past, water sports has undergone enormous changes; some of the adventurous sports like sea rafting, scuba diving, Snorkeling, Cable skiing, fly board, rowing and various other unique forms of sports has added new dimension to the concept of water sports. Take for example one of the popular water sports namely boating. This is one of the oldest forms of water sports and this sport is prevalent from times immemorial. But, boating has certain rigidities. As you know, the boats are bulky and they are slow moving. They are not suitable for long journey, the person rowing the boat experiences fatigues after just one or two hours of rowing and so on. In order to overcome these short coming some of the innovative designers of boat have come out with a wonderful boat called ‘Sea Kayaking’ which is also called as small boat.

Although it is named ‘Sea Kayaking’ this type of boat can be effectively used in rivers, canals and so on. According to historical records, the concept of Kayaking was prevalent in some parts of Alaska and Eskimos were believed to have invented this miniature boats for hunting Seals. Earlier, Kayaks were made of special quality wood and it was in the year 1984 Kayaks were made using Plastic. Within a short span of time, Kayaks have undergone considerable changes in its design and utility. These small boats have been provided with a provision to add covered deck which is also called as spray deck. This is done to provide comfort and safety to the peddler of this small boat. The design of these small boats is such that it enables greater maneuverability and the boat can be rowed with greater speed. Rowing of the modern Kayaks is more comfortable as compared to the traditional kayaks. Now, Kayaks are available in different sizes; in fact these small boats are built to suit for three paddlers (rowers) with an awesome 21 feet in length. For solo paddler the kayaks are designed with about 10 feet in length.

Designers have brought out exclusive designs of Sea Kayaks. The earlier version of Kayak was built using the skin of Seal and it was covered with plastic. But, now designers have started using Aluminum for the frame so as to make this small boat strong and versatile. Apart Aluminum, designers have been using fiberglass, thermoformed plastic and retomolded ploythylene for the body of the Kayak. All these materials are known for their greater strength and light weight. The modern design prevents Kayaks from capsizing and this has been of great benefit for water sports enthusiasts. Apart from the design of the boat, even the bow used for paddling the Kayak has undergone extensive changes in the design. The modern bows are known for light weight, they are strong and they enable greater maneuverability while dealing with waves or while turning the small boat. Further, the paddler is provided with enough legroom and enough storage space has been provided for keeping the supplies.

The unique features of Sea Kayaks are in their design. Considering the needs of sailing on the sea, these Kayaks are generally longer as those used on lakes or streams. As a matter of fact, most of these Kayaks are of about 15 to 18 feet in length. They ensure smooth sailing and interestingly when the paddler applies the bow, it hardly makes any noise. As a result, it will not disturb the aquatic life. As you may be aware, some of the fishes and more so whales are highly susceptible to sound. You can row Kayak even when there is heavy rain. As some of the water sports enthusiasts say; rowing the Kayak In heavy rain is a wonderful experience and you would really enjoy the thrill of paddling. The Kayaks are designed in such a way, rowing in rain is extremely easy and the boat would not capsize.

A person with normal health can paddle Kayak for several days and he will not feel any fatigue of paddling. In fact, experts say that even an unfit person can paddle this small boat for about four to five miles at a stretch. To be an efficient Paddler, you must learn the technique of paddling. This requires some training and experience. That helps you to paddle this wonderful small boat with great comfort. There are several schools where paddlings of Kayaks are taught by experienced personnel. Checkout the downloads page for links to useful resources. You may undergo training in any of the reputed schools. Before venturing with your small boat into the sea ensure that you take all the safety precaution.

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